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Terms and Conditions

Commencement: 17th June, 2019 (these terms and conditions shall serve as the interim terms and conditions, to govern the operations of Humongouz Cases Briefs, herein referred to as Hbriefs).

This case briefing platform was founded, and is being supervised, run, and managed, by Humongouz Empire (founded by Branham Chima). 
Ipso facto, Hbriefs shall reserve the rights to run the affairs and functions relating to the above named according to its' desires and dictates, although subject to the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended), and relevant laws applicable.
Hence, if after reading the below terms and conditions, and you still choose to use this platform, it is good or will be taken as you agreeing and accepting them in their entirety. 

Below are the terms and conditions:
1. As a user of this website, you are free to request - openly or privately, for any case summary/brief. Albeit, it does not automatically put an onus on Hbriefs to comply with such request. Your request mostly will be governed by your current plan. 

2. The case briefs/summaries posted here are just a summary of the cases, which includes the material contents. 

3. Every case brief/summary posted here is summarised in the best manner possible. No liability is or will be owed to anyone who suffers or encounters a miscarriage, as a result of reading these summaries.

4. If after using, reading, and depending on the case briefs/summaries, and yet you still fail your exam(s) or did not perform as you have expected in whatever activity - no liability or responsibility is or will be owed by Hbriefs whatsoever.

5. This website owes no duty to anyone as regards releasing case briefs/summaries, it releases them as and according to when and how it wants to.

6. On no account shall you change or edit the contents of the case briefs posted here, whether or not to post somewhere else.

7. Any payment made by you as regards Hbriefs is for the cost used in running this website and a coffee-buy for those in charge of summarising the cases. Your money paid is not for the quality of the content provided.

8. For every registered user, Hbriefs promises the best secrecy of the user information entered here. We would not divulge your information without your consent sought, except for improvement of this website and users general experience.

9. We might provide links to external websites, however, we do not guarantee the security measures of those linked websites. Those websites shall bear any liability incurred by you.

10. For better user experience, this platform uses cookies.

11. By using this website, it is taken as you agreeing completely to the above terms and conditions.

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