Payments Faq

Very safe. However, Hbriefs manages your membership while Paystack is in control of collecting payments on Hbriefs behalf. Paystack is toply secured. Read more on Paystack’s security here – how secure is Paystack or Paystack security.

Even without a bank card you can pay at the checkout page via USSD or Bank Transfer; but if you are unable to make your membership subscription online; to make subscription via transfer or bank payment, decide on a plan, then send the initial payment amount to:
Branham-Paul Chima
United Bank for Africa – 2066901150.

After payment, send clear evidence of payment to Hbriefs email: support[at]hbriefs.com – replace [at] with @. 
Thereafter, your membership will be activated.
You can subscribe for any amount of days in the like batches: 30days, 60days, 90days, and so on. Just be sure to pay the requisite initial payment (the first 30days), and the requisite recurring payments, in one sum, totalling the subscription for the required days.

To cancel your membership, click on the “My Account” link at the footer of Hbriefs pages; your account page will be opened, and there you will find the cancel button to cancel your subscription.

Mostly, no refunds after payments except in few circumstances. It is advisable to think properly before making a payment for a plan.

Hbriefs grants its’ subscription per 30days. The payment for the first 30days is called initial payment, any subsequent payment made in succession (without loss of membership) for the same plan is called recurring payments. Recurring payments are charged automatically. You have the choice to choose at the checkout stage whether to make a plan recurring. Failure to process a recurring payment ends your membership for that plan, and you will be downgraded to the FREE plan (no-charge plan), until you begin again.

No. However, there are some fields that you are required to fill. They might be identified by an asterisk.

This gives a user the ability to request a summary of a case not presently available on Hbriefs, for reading.

This gives a user access to Hbriefs’ summaries of Supreme Court cases.

This gives a user access to Hbriefs’ summaries of Court of Appeals cases.

This gives a user the ability to send Hbriefs a direct message for the discourse of a particular legal issue – this will come handy when you are confused as regards an area of law; this will also be handy when you need a basic legal advice.

This feature is in work, and currently unavailable.