What is Humongouz Cases Briefs (Hbriefs) about?

Humungouz Cases Briefs (Hbriefs), as the name suggests, is an online platform founded in 2018 for Nigerian courts cases summaries.

This online platform is here to aid those in the legal profession, especially Nigerians, in getting well-detailed summaries of Nigerian legal cases. This platform hopes to be undeniably useful to law students in Nigerian universities who find the reading of legal cases boring (your concerns were one of the pillars that motivated the standing of this website).

Great effort is being put on daily by the contributor(s) and the administrator(s) to make sure the cases summarised and posted here are as accurate, succinct, and neat, as they can be. This platform will also serve as a reference conduit for those who have read a particular case but cannot vividly remember the facts/ruling of the case or something else.

Hbriefs is not promising a summary for all legal cases that have been decided in Nigerian courts, but we shall try as much as possible to provide much Nigerian cases. You may request for a case summary.

Branham Chima

Branham Chima

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