Frequently Asked Questions

Humongouz Cases Briefs is a powerhouse platform to get comprehensive & detailed summaries of Nigerian judicial cases. Humongouz Cases Briefs is easily referred to as Hbriefs. It is a platform for Lawyers, Law students, and anyone interested in reading summaries of Nigerian judicial cases, and generally. 

Searching for a case is easy as reading this text. Simply input the case name in any of the search bars and click the search icon. The search page will load containing a link to the summary of the case. For example, inputting INAKOJU V. ADELEKE will produce a search page containing the link to the case summary of INAKOJU V. ADELEKE. Other related pages may load alongside in the search page too.

This is simple as looking for a case name. Simply input the legal term/keyword, and cases summaries relevant will be produced in the search page.

For accuracy in searching, include only the must-key terms. For example, if your intention is “how to serve a writ of summons”, input “serve writ of summons” or “serve writ summons”. Input only key terms. Your search terms need not be syntactically correct; just put the key terms.

The search bar (with its search icon) of Hbriefs can be found in several places including: at the top of case pages close to the page title, the footer (bottom part when you scroll down) of the Hbriefs website, and the loaded search page.

Key dicta are important points opined in a case. They are binding or strongly persuasive depending on the extant case facts, and the judge who gave the dictum/dicta. Key dicta are known as notable dicta also (for the sake of Hbriefs), and are available at the beginning or end of a case summary.

This refers to how many times each individual term in your search phrase appears in the said post. This can be used by you to further gauge the relevance of posts in comparison.

Most cases summaries on Hbriefs include the: notable dicta, parties name, judge who gave the lead judgement, counsel appearance, case fact/history, issues and issues resolution, and some references made by the judge.

Yes. There is no point (nor usefulness) in inventing or misrepresenting cases.

Depending on your subscription plan, you will be able to request a case summary (if not already available on Hbriefs) by clicking the request link at the footer of this page. Request a case summary only when you cannot find it on Hbriefs.

Hbriefs forum is a platform for legal discourse and asking of legal questions, whether relating to Hbriefs or not. But, such questions must be related to law.

Hbriefs WhatsApp group chat is a platform for users and visitors of Hbriefs. The link for joining is available at the footer of this (Hbriefs) website.

Use the contact form at the footer.

This feature is in work, and currently unavailable.